I established Eloma Shoes in the beautiful Indonesian archipelago of Bali. Through a chance encounter I discovered a boutique offering high quality, stylish women’s all leather shoes. From this meeting with the owner and subsequently partnering with her I am able to create my own collections of women’s quality leather shoes, expertly crafted in Bali. 


Inspired by and drawing upon my passion for travel and timeless design, my philosophy is to curate versatile, enduring collections that enable my customers to be stylish without sacrificing comfort. 


My designs can be worn in a multitude of ways, on many different occasions and can take you from sea to city, day to night and anywhere else in between! I want my creations to evoke feelings of confidence and style and showcase an effortless look wherever they be worn.  

I hope you love the shoes as much as I do, let me know by tagging your Eloma's on social media!


Emma Bottomley

Founder & Owner of Eloma Shoes